Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week of Sept 26 - Oct 2

Mon, Sept 26
PM: 10.5mi (1hr 30min), 750' - Through Rocklin
Hammies and glutes no longer sore and energy levels seem to have come back to 85-90% of normal.  Run started slower, but continued to feel better as it progressed.  Ran the last few miles at 7:30's.  + ice bath.

Tue, Sept 27

0 - Figure yesterday might have been pushin' it recovery-wise.  The only thing physical about today was a 2min pushup competition I had with Sara.  I've never been able to beat her, sadly.  Once again, she beat me 74 - 63.  Her pr is an impressive 95 MAN pushups in 2min.  Mine?  No comment:)

Wed, Sept 28

PM: 4mi (50:00), 2745' - Treadmill
Set the 'mill to 13% and just locked in.  Turnover and energy felt good.  Glutes felt a little worked, but not to the point of fatigue. + ice bath.

Thur, Sept 29

AM: 4mi (32:00) - Springview
Easy jog at the park.  Tacked on 1.5mi barefoot and did some form drills as well.

PM: Pushup competition: Sara - 85 Me - 64. 
+ 5min wall-sit, squats, and light abs.

Fri, Sept 30

PM: 8+ miles (57:06), 400' - Twin Rocks/Levee
Weaved through some mtb trails before connecting with the wide, gravel ~2mi double-track. Hit the levee (29:36) and picked it up a notch on the return (27:30). Ran with Sara while Mike mtb'd.

Sat, Oct 1

AM: 2mi hike - Robinson Flat
Went scouting around with Sara down N43 and back.

PM: 7mi (1:05), 1000' - Robinson/Miller's Defeat
Easy jog with Sara along N43 and back (didn't take Little Bald Mt. Trail). Also, Hiked around Mosquito Ridge a bit. Legs felt ok, a little tired after a decent effort yesterday.

PM: 1.5mi hike - Mosquito Ridge Rd toward Dusty Corners
Hiked down to the random pond/shacks and back up.

Sun, Oct 2

PM: 13mi (2:05), 3,000' - Foresthill/Bath Rd/Volcano/MB
From the school, ran to Michigan Bluff (1:09, 5min of which were detours) and back (55:56 - 19min clip from Volcano Creek to Bath Rd/Foresthill Rd sign). Legs felt good overall, had some fatigue-ish stretches.

Miles - 46+

Time - 7hrs

Vertical - 7,900'

2011 Sept Totals

Miles - 271.05

Vertical - 32,495'

Avg miles/day - 9.035

Avg. vert/day - 1,083'


Recovered, refreshed, caught up on sleep, and quality time with my wife; a great week.

My birthday is tomorrow (the big two-seven!) and for the early portion of the day, I can think of no better way to spend it than traveling for hours in the mountains on foot; an appropriate way to celebrate one's life, in my opinion.

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